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Katherine Rivas

Associate Flute Principal

"Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra"

Mi first flute teacher, Nicolas Real, he is like my musical father, who taught me with so much affection and patience how to take flight in this profession, as well as the performing basics of this beautiful instrument. Thank you Maestro!

Mariana barrios


Thank you Mr. Real for your tremendous dedication. Your knowledge of the instrument transfers seamlessly to your lessons. Your patience while explaining and breaking down the lessons always helps change my daughter’s attitude when she doesn’t understand or is frustrated about something to understanding and enjoying to play her flute. Thank you again!

alexis angulo

Flute Principal

"Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra"

As a teacher, Nicolas Real always showed a deep love for music, which it was for me very inspiring. He owns a great knowledge of the current flute techniques, which he shared with all his students using a simple language to make sure that all of us understood the message. Above all, Nicolas is a great person and his teachings have left a trace in my own perception of this beloved profession 

A message from Dr. Real