Q. Do I need prior experience to take flute lessons here?

A. No, you are more than welcome to join The Real Flute Studio now and start your journey with the flute :)


Q. Are these flute lessons only for advanced students?

A. No, we welcome beginners and intermediate students also. 


Q. Do you teach any other types of flutes?

A. I only teach the traverse C flute model, and the other family models such as the piccolo, the alto, and the bass flutes. 


Q. After I pay for my lesson(s), can I start immediately?

A. Once you create your membership account, you can login and book your first(s) lesson(s) from your member account calendar.


Q. How can I cancel my membership?

A. Just contact us at therealflutestudio@gmail.com and we will process your cancellation.


Q. What should I expect in my first flute lesson?

A. I will welcome you to the TRFS, I will ask you some questions about your flute performance and musical background, and I will be ready to either hear you playing or show you the flute basics for first time.


Q. Can I communicate with you through text messages?

A. You can send me a message from the Contact Us tab and I will email you back ASAP. 

Q. Can I reschedule any of my lessons online?

A. Yes, you can. As long as there is any available day and time in our lesson calendar, you can reschedule your lesson(s) from your member account.

Q. Will it be any consequence if I cancel my lesson earlier than 12 hours before my date and time?

A. Unless there is an emergency, the whole amount of the lesson will be charged if the lesson is canceled earlier than 12 hours before the scheduled date and time.